Raising Your Dog with The Monks of New Skete is a 2 DVD SET.
The training program contains three hours of expert instruction from puppy thru adult, with improved functionality. (Over 40 Chapters!)

The monks' method provides you with a comprehensive understanding of dog behavior and the tools for having a rich and healthy relationship with your dog.

Clients who train their dogs at New Skete Monastery spend over $2000.00 for an exclusive three week session. Now you can own the entire New Skete Dog Training program on 2 DVDs for the price of just one lesson with a professional trainer!
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Raising Your Dog With The Monks of New Skete:   2 DVD Training SeriesRaising Your Dog With The Monks of New Skete: 2 DVD Training Series

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Take the right step toward developing
a wonderful relationship with your dog!!

This award winning program covers all the essential lessons of training and contains detailed instruction on raising your puppy, behavior conditioning, and obedience training. Discover the wise, practical and gentle methods that have helped nearly a million dog owners. (Filmed on location at the New Skete Monastery. 180 minutes.)

"A Blue Ribbon Winner" - The Seattle Times

"Raising Your Dog...is just what the doctor ordered!"
Dr. Marty Becker, DVM Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's SoulTM

4 Stars! Highest Rating - Video Librarian

"Thank you for helping me see things through my dogs eyes.
Your insights and expertise will help me develop
a wonderful relationship with my puppy.? -
Jane Albrecht, The Internet.

Train your dog...train yourself.